Wednesday, November 19, 2014

East Meet West

I have been dreaming of knitting a Russian coat ever since I saw the Kenzo A/W 2009 collection by Antonio Marrass.
There is only one problem I don't know how to knit intarsia or fair isle.  It always seemed so intimidating, especially, since I'm partial to simple patterns. I'll admit, I don't like to think very much when I'm knitting.  Here recently I've become bored with my knitting projects so it's time to try something completely different. I came back to my longing for a Russian coat.  I decided it's going down this winter! I already have a pattern for a Russian coat from Rowan Magazine 48. Now it's time to decide on the yarn. 

While I love 100% percent wool yarn, using wool yarn will make this coat extremely heavy.  I'm planning on using Herrschners Worsted 8 acrylic yarn. Once I order the yarn, it's showtime! I'll post updates on the progress. 

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