Monday, March 3, 2014

Current Obsession: Wool and the Gang

Hero meet the gang

I have known about Wool and the Gang for some time now, but here lately I have been totally obsessing over them.  Wool and the Gang is a fashion brand that specializes in knits,  especially whimsical chunky knits. In addition to selling ready to wear knits they also sell yarn and knitting kits which include a knitting pattern, yarn, and needles.  Judging by their blog, I think they also hold classes where they teach people to knit. Which is an awesome way to keep the craft alive.  All the things I love!  And how about the adorable name? Wool and the Gang definitely has it going on in my book.  Although I write my own knitting patterns, I have been eyeing some amazing cotton yarn on their website.

Mixtape Yarn by WATG

I'm planning to place an order this week.  It's time to get started on spring knits despite the fact that the weather here on the east coast will not cooperate. Well either way, I'll be ready with a few fresh, airy spring knits whenever the weather does finally break.

Head on over to the site and check them out!

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